The Best Wines for Mimosas

by Tom Simone
The Best Wines for Mimosas

The Best Wines for Mimosas

First off, let us clarify what a mimosa wine technically is. A mimosa wine is simple and easy to make and typically uses two main ingredients: a dry sparkling wine and orange juice. Although,

you can make a fantastic mimosa wine with any sparkling wine and any juice of your choice.

Do you want to make some mimosa wine? Learn about some of the best wines for mimosas and other specifics about mimosas you may not have known before, such as mimosa alcohol content, some excellent mimosas and food pairings, and more.


What Are the Best Wines for Mimosas?

Some of the most popular go-to wines to use for mimosas are dry, non-sweet sparkling wines. Whether you prefer a sweeter mimosa or a dryer, semi-sweet or non-sweet mimosa, you can enjoy your mimosa with prosecco (an Italian sparkling wine) or brut. Mimosas on the sweeter side will have dry or extra dry champagne, while mimosas with brut won’t be sweet.


The Mimosas Alcohol Content

It is typically served as a brunch cocktail; you may or may not be surprised to hear that a mimosa made with champagne may have a higher alcohol content than your typical glass of wine. However, this greatly depends on the alcohol-to-juice ratio. Mimosa wine alcohol content that contains champagne may contain approximately 10 to 12 percent ABV by volume.


What To Pair with Your Mimosa

The first word that comes to mind is brunch, as mimosas and brunch go together like spaghetti and meatballs. As an alcoholic brunch drink favorite, mimosas can be made using champagne and various juices, not only orange juice. While an orange juice-based mimosa is a great classic, why not be adventurous and try your next mimosa with pineapple, guava, orange mango, or cranberry juice? Add fresh fruit like blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and raspberries to make it even more special.

Some of the best food pairings for your mimosa include nearly any breakfast food such as French toast, frittatas, or any other egg dish like omelets, breakfast pastries like croissants, more fresh fruits, and more!


Try A Delicious Mimosa Wine

Papi offers the absolute perfect wines to go with your mimosa. Papi’s demi-sec and sparkling wines are made with the finest ingredients, featuring the perfect balance of bubbles and flavor. Take your next brunch to the next level and make your mimosas with some of Papi’s most popular sparkling wines, including Papi Prosecco. Papi Prosecco is made from the Moscato Blanco grapes, which gives a mouth-watering sweet taste. Explore more of our softly-sweet wines from Papi here.

by Tom Simone