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Red Wine or White Wine: That is the Question

by Janeya Felder
Red Wine or White Wine:  That is the Question

To drink red wine or white wine - that is the question! You truly can’t go wrong with either option, however, there are people out there that favor one over the other. If you’re a wine lover like me who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to wine, you should still know when it is the best time to enjoy either type. Before you make this life or death decision, think about how, when, and where you are going to drink or use the wine. Are you pairing the wine with a meal, creating a cocktail that features it, embracing your inner chef by cooking with it, or just want to unwind and have a relaxing Saturday evening? It’s never a question of whether to drink wine -  it’s what kind of wine to choose! Continue reading to understand more about red wine versus white wine.


I Eat Food. I Drink Wine. Paired!

When pairing red or white wine with all different types of cuisine, the key is to match and complement the flavors and textures. A good pairing is when the food and the wine do not overshadow each other - try to keep in mind the star of the dish, sauces, seasonings, and additional flavors to bring the dish from blah to TADA! It’s common knowledge that red wine goes with red meat and white wine is good with fish - but don’t be afraid to break the rules! Be a rebel and order swordfish with a Pinot Noir or a Sauvignon Blanc with spicy curry chicken. No pressure if you want to stick to the traditional methods of pairing red and white wines with certain foods - but that's boring! Be adventurous, because the wine and food pairing combinations are endless!


It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

Red wine typically has a higher alcohol content than white wine. However, white wine is an awesome addition to a ton of cocktail recipes! White wine provides an array of wonderful flavors like refreshing citrus and sweet tropical fruits, which is perfect for blending mixed drinks. Red wine is also on the wine cocktail scene! Of course, everyone's first thought is Sangria, DELICIOUS- but that's not the only one! Red wine cocktails are popular but red wine frozen slushies are even higher demand - super trendy! Red wine is usually associated with fruits from the berry family. For wine lovers, mixing wine with other ingredients gives everyone a new way to experience the flavor and aroma of his or her favorite wine.


I Cook with Wine & Sometimes I Even Add It To The Food

Drinking wine is easy, cooking with wine is a whole different venture. Cooking with wine is an awesome way to elevate the dish you are preparing! The meal you want to make will determine what type of wine you will need. Try to switch it up and experiment with different recipes- you may uncover a new phenomenon! All wines will chemically react the same way when cooked, so there is no harm or risk that the recipe won’t work if you use one kind of wine over the other. If you’re not a daredevil and hesitate when experimenting with different wines and your food, go ahead and taste the wine first and think about it will complement the flavors of the dish. Cooking is ordinary but cooking with wine makes it fun!


“Wine Not” Get Both Red & White Papi Wines!

“Wine Not” treat yourself by enjoying both red and white wines in different ways! Red and white wines don’t always have to be in competition with each other because one is not better than the other! At Papi Wines, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of affordable and high-quality red and white wines. Our wines are wonderful for a celebration or as an additional ingredient in your dinner tonight! Take full advantage of our Papi Wine 3 pack deals for only $40 - Don forget about free shipping! “QUIT WINING” and contact us to learn more about the wines we offer, and get shopping today!


by Janeya Felder


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