Everything You Need to Know About Moscato

by Tom Simone
Everything You Need to Know About Moscato

Everything You Need to Know About Moscato

Have you tried Moscato wine before? If so, you'll recognize this famous wine is known for its sweeter flavors, like peach, pear, lemon, and orange blossom. These sweet flavors give Moscato that unique and unforgettable floral, sweet aroma that so many people love.

In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about the beloved wine. From the different wine varieties, the Moscato flavor profile, how to drink Moscato, how Moscato is made, and more!


What Kind of Wine Is Moscato?

Moscato comes in many wine styles, including some of the most well-known Moscato styles like Sparkling and Semi-Sparkling Moscato, Still Moscato, Pink Moscato, Red Moscato, and Moscato dessert wines.

Two main styles of Moscato are Italian style, Moscato d'Asti, which is semi-sparkling, and Asti Spumante, which is sparkling. Both feature light bubbles with a sweet and low acidic taste. Another popular style is Pink Moscato, a blend of Muscat grapes and some Merlot with more fruity flavors and aromas like strawberry.


What Does Moscato Taste Like?

Many people ask, is Moscato sweet or dry? This wine is light-bodied, on the sweeter side, with higher levels of residual sugar, generally with tropical fruity flavors and light bubbles. Moscato wine styles will vary in taste, mainly in sweetness level, delicate bubbles, acidity, and fruit flavor profile. It is also known to have less alcohol than other sparkling wines.


How To Drink Moscato

While the best temperature to pour your glass of Moscato will vary based on the wine style, Moscato is generally best served chilled. You won’t need to decant your Moscato, but chilling in the refrigerator an hour before serving will give you that delicious, refreshing taste experience. While any time is excellent for Moscato, many prefer to enjoy their Moscato at the end of a meal, accompanied by cheese, fruit salad, or dessert.


Similar Wines to Moscato

If you love Moscato wine, you should try similar wine favorites like Rieslings (super aromatic with fruity notes), Pinot Grigio (bright, crisp with fresh fruit flavors), Prosecco (sparking white wine), Cava (drier taste compared to Prosecco), or Lambrusco (fruity red wine).

How Is Moscato Made?

Moscato wine is made using Muscat grapes with varieties that produce red and white wine. Moscato grapes are found worldwide in places like France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Israel, and Australia.


Try Papi’s Moscato Wine Now

Papi Wine’s Papi Demi-Sec Pink Moscato and Papi Demi-Sec Moscato are not to be missed. Indulge in Papi Demi-Sec Moscato’s sweet, slightly bubbly wine with a refreshing flavor profile of sweet peach, orange blossom, and nectarine. Or sip on a glass of Pink Moscato by Papi Wines featuring jasmine, fresh fruits like pears, and hints of orange. So much more than a dessert wine, Moscato is a wine to be adored for its sweet fruit aroma and enjoyed by everyone.

by Tom Simone