Everything You Need to Know About Demi Sec Wine

by Tom Simone
Everything You Need to Know About Demi Sec Wine

Everything You Need to Know About Demi Sec Wine 

Demi sec means “half-dry” in French, or half dry, half sweet, and is often light to medium on the sweetness taste scale.  So, if you like the sweeter things in life, then a demi sec wine is for you. It is the ideal beverage to enjoy on a warm day by the water, demi sec wines can be enjoyed chilled or on ice.

Papi Wines offers softly sweet demi-sec wines that come in a variety of wines, including Demi Sec Merlot, Demi Sec Cabernet Sauvignon, Demi Sec Malbec, Demi Sec Pinot Noir, Demi Sec Pinot Grigio, Demi Sec Red Blend, Demi Sec Pink Moscato, and much more! Each offers its unique flavors and aromas.


What Is Demi Sec Wine?

While demi sec often refers to a medium-sweetness level of Champagne or sparkling wine, demi sec wine can also describe semi-sweet wines. Most sparkling wines are non-sweet brut style, and slightly sweeter sparkling wines are described as demi sec.


How To Pair Your Demi Sec Wine

Many demi sec wines are an aperitif or an alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal to stimulate your appetite. They typically offer a light acidity that brings out a bright, versatile taste. Below we have listed some of Papi’s most popular demi sec wines and how to pair them with your next meal perfectly.


  • Papi Demi-Sec Cabernet Sauvignon is a very easy-to-drink wine that accompanies poultry and pasta dishes well.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Merlot is a very easy-to-drink fruity red wine that accompanies poultry and pasta dishes well.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Malbec is a deep red wine that is delightfully drier due to its high acidity and tannins. This wine pairs best with lean cuts meat like flank, sirloin, and skirt steak.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Pinot Noir features a long fruity finish and is an excellent choice for pasta, sushi, seafood, and mild fish. It’s also perfect when accompanying dishes served with pesto sauces.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Pinot Grigio is a fresh, light-bodied white wine that pairs best with oysters, fish dishes, and salads of all sorts.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Red Blend features a rich berry taste and pairs perfectly with various beef dishes.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Pink Moscato is an explosive bouquet of jasmine and fresh fruits like pears and hints of orange and is ideal for spicy and sour snacks and Mexican and Asian food.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh, sweet wine that pairs well with salads and seafood.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Chardonnay is a toasted French oak wine with white fruit, pineapple, and lightly toasted almond aromas. This wine pairs best with grilled white meats, seafood dishes, and green salads.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Moscato is a sweet and slightly bubbly wine ideally paired with a dessert.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Riesling features citrus, floral, and candy aromas and pairs best with oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel; slightly-spicy dishes, pancetta, figs, and baked peaches.
  • Papi Demi-Sec Rose has a pleasant crispy flavor, much like a rhubarb, and can be enjoyed with various dishes or on its own.


Try Papi’s Demi Sec Wine Now

Papi Wine offers a full range of demi sec wines with distinct flavors and aromas that make these wine variations unforgettable. Explore the complete list of demi sec wines available to find the perfect bottle to pair with your next meal with family and friends.


by Tom Simone