Mastering the Art of Bottle Opening: 6 Techniques You Should Try

by Madison Simone
Mastering the Art of Bottle Opening: 6 Techniques You Should Try

6 Different Ways To Open A Bottle



  1. Corkscrew

Ah yes, the classic corkscrew bottle opener. If you don’t have one, buy one. It serves multiple purposes (bottle openers, beer can opener, seal cutter). Use the cutter to cut the seal below the lower lip and peel it off. Twist the corkscrew (the spiral part) into the center of the cork for 3 full turns, making sure the two sides of the corkscrew are spread apart and not together. Then, close the shorter side (with the beer opener) so that it rests at the side of the bottle’s neck. Lift the cork towards the top of the bottle by pulling the longer side (where the spiral is connected) upward. Finally, pull out the cork (you may have to pull while making slow, circular motions).


  1. Popping the cork

When it comes to a bottle like Prosecco or champagne, the bottle may need to be “popped.” BE CAREFUL. The sparkling liquid may explode so open it slowly and do not shake the bottle. First, twist off the metal cage around the cork. Then, aim the bottle away from yourself (and other people) and hold it at a 45-degree angle. Press your thumb on the top of the cork and slowly twist the base of the bottle, resisting the bubbles pushing the cork up. Slowly, pull the cork out once it reaches the top.




  1. Break it 

Aggressively slam the part of the bottle where the neck and the body meet against a strong table until the bottle breaks open. Just kidding, please just buy a corkscrew.

  1. Push it in

A terrible method indeed, pushing the cork into the bottle should be a last resort. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. This strategy will take some physical strength and you may need to use another object to help push it through.

  1. A key

Another method that’s not ideal, but could work, is using a key as if it were a corkscrew. When you push the key into the cork, you may want to use a dish towel, so the key doesn’t drill into your hand. Push the key into the center, like the corkscrew. Then, tilt the key at a slight angle, and attempt to lift the cork up with the ridges from the key.

  1. A lighter

Not recommending playing with fire, however, in a dire situation, this could work. The idea is to heat the air right beneath the cork (around where the neck and body of the bottle meet). Hold to flame for a little bit and the cork will push itself upwards until you’re able to pull it out. Be careful with this one method if you have no other option.


Written by Madison Simone

by Madison Simone