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Papi Wines

Fine Chilean wines start with the finest Chilean grapes, and that’s why we choose only those from the most renowned grape growing region of Central Valley. Our renowned wines are the result of the perfect balance, character, and complexity due to our famous tradition and knowledge in the art of winemaking.

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Papi Wines, Best Selling Sweet Red & White Demi Sec Wine in America | Papi is a

Papi Sangria

Product of Spain, red wine with natural fruits added. Refreshing Sangria elaborated with red wine and natural citrus fruits, following the true recipe of Spanish Sangrias

Drink it chilled, with snacks, BBQ foods, paella, pasta and salads.

Tasting Notes: The base of this drink is a young red wine with a pleasant fruity aroma, having as a result a great tasting Sangria with a selected balance  between sweetness and citrus notes of orange and lemon. Fresh, with a touch of secret spices, Papi Sangria delights everybody.

The Papi Wines Family

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Pink Moscato

Papi Pink Moscato is a light, sweet & fruity dessert wine.
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Papi Merlot red wine spiced aromas with a sweet finish
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Cabernet Sauvignon

Papi Cabernet Sauvignon, full-bodied red wine with soft finish
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Pinot Noir

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Pinot Grigio

Papi Pinot Grigio is a bold demi sec white wine with citrus notes
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Papi Moscato is a sweet desert wine with refreshing fruit flavors


Papi Sangria is a red wine base with a touch of sweet fruit spices
Sangria - Americas Number One Demi-Sec | Papi Wines