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Pino Noir Wine

A subtle taste of the spicy-sweetness and a smooth finish of Pinot Noir leave the palate desiring more.

Pinot Noir is one of the most romanticized red wines known for its sweet palate and an easy-to-drink quality. Wine enthusiasts with a taste for Pinot Noir grapes indulge in this wine completely, with or without pairings. You will find many of Pinot Noir lovers describe it as superior to other red wines when made the right way.


The roots of the wine were sowed in Burgundy, France where the Pinot Noir grape is grown in abundance. From there, the wine picked up popularity and quickly made its way into other European countries, from where it became global. Today, you can find excellent Pinot Noir wine that comes from Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, California, Orgon, and Australia.

The Grape

Other than the Pinot Noir wine, the Pinot Noir grape variety is used to make Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and other fine champagnes. This variety of grape is known for its delicate skin that requires careful handling and a highly skilled winemaker to perfect an elegant wine with a delicate flavor.

The Wine

Pinot Noir is known for its delicate yet complex flavors among other red wine varieties. It is one of the finest wines that come out of France. A swig of the wine is described as light but sultry with a silky finish at the end. The grape variety gives it a light quality without being lightweight.
The diverse geographical production of the wine has given it other names, including Pinot Nero, Blauburgunder, Spätburgunder, Bourguignon, and others. The chilly climate of the regions where the grape is grown introduces a natural acidity of the fruit that tantalizes the palate.

Papi Pinot Noir

Papi Pinot Noir wine represents the culmination of years of research into specific viticulture techniques, particular attention to vineyard sites, and a wine-making strategy focused on fruit, structure, and balance. The fruit for this wine was sourced from an area in Italy renowned for its large diurnal difference with hot days and cool nights. The hot days allow the grapes to ripen fully and the cool nights help to keep acid structure, adding intensity of flavor and well-balanced tannins to the wine. The vineyards are planted on alluvial soils over a clay base resulting in an even ripening throughout the vineyard that delivers an excellent intensity of flavor and color that deepens with each year of maturity.

Tasting notes

Our Pinot Noir is a lighter red color with dark violet tones infused in its opacity. With one sip, you can experience spice notes and aromas with pepper coming up strong. Other than that, the wine has a discreet aroma that rises from notes from cherries, strawberries and raspberries. Depending on the region where the grapes originate from, the wine will sometimes show earthy-driven notes of mushrooms, vanilla, tobacco, licorice, clove, and even a slight gaminess.

Our wine is a Demi-Sec, which gives it a sweet taste throughout with a medium to high acidity, making it easy to pair and drink. Papis’s Pinot Noir also has a rich fruitcake and oaky flavor with soft tannins that leave a sweet finish on the palate.

Food Pairing

One of the best qualities about Pinot Noir is that it pairs wonderfully with a large group of foods. It is light and dry enough to be paired with fatty salmon or mackerel, but complex enough to be paired with duck and other rich meats. The wine is also popular alongside pasta dishes and roast chicken. Along with that, the tannins of Pinot Noir make it complimentary with game fowl.

The same goes for cheese. Paired with goat’s cheese, the acidity of the wine cuts its creamy richness and balances the bite. Similarly, a Brie or blue cheese also pairs well as their earthy and rich flavors compliments the wine’s fruity tones.
This makes Pinot Noir a catch-all wine that can be paired with a variety of foods, especially coming in handy in groups when everyone orders a different entrée.