Red Wine - Demi-Sec Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot | Papi Wines

Papi Cab-Malbec Reserve

Fine Chilean wines start with die fines Chilean grapes and that's why we choose only those from the most renowned grape growing region of Maule Valley. Our renowned wines are the result of the perfect balance, character and complexity due to our famous tradition and lmowledge in the art of winemaking.


Tasting Notes

Bright ruby red color with violet hues This wine has aromas of red fruits like plum, mild peppery notes nad hints of mocha Red fruit and toasted flavor on the palate Slightly sweet balance Medium concentration, combing the sweet tannins of Malbec with those more powerful from Cabemet Sauvignon


Food Pairing

With grilled red meats Stews and sauces prepared with herbs, pepper, tomatoes or bell peppers Great With slighter bittersweet meals, hard cheeses such as Gruyere or Edam All kinds of nuts and meats

Alcohol: 13% 

12 Btl 750 ML