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Unveiling Your Wine Personality: Discover What Kind of Wine Drinker You Are

by Tom Simone
Unveiling Your Wine Personality: Discover What Kind of Wine Drinker You Are

Unveiling Your Wine Personality: Discover What Kind of Wine Drinker You Are

Believe it or not, there are so many types of wine drinkers out there! You probably have never thought about or realized that you fall into one of these categories. You might be a wine drinker who prefers bold reds or fruity whites or maybe you may be brand new into drinking wine. Just so you know, there is zero judgment here - since no wine drinker type is better than the other! At the end of the day we all have one thing in common and that is we love our wine. Continue to read to find out what kind of wine drinker you are or if you fall into multiple categories.

“I Only Drink a Certain Kind of Wine” Drinkers

This type of wine drinker is very interesting because they are extremely exclusive with certain types of wines. You’ve definitely heard it before at parties or at restaurants when it's time to order drinks - they will only drink their wine of choice. This category of wine drinkers are typically experienced with drinking vino and already realize what they fancy in flavors, tasting notes, aromas, and more! These wine drinkers are significantly loyal to their wine of choice for various personal reasonings - from health benefits to having an unpleasant experience with a specific kind of wine, it all depends on that drinkers individual preferences. If you are part of the “I only drink Sauvignon Blanc, darling” - keep ordering what you enjoy!

“I Don’t Discriminate Wine” Drinkers

These individuals are the best wine drinkers because they are not afraid to try all the wines! This crowd is who I want to hang out with when I’m drinking my vino. Drinking, tasting, sipping on wine is all about trying new flavors and experiencing something out of your comfort zone. Nowadays, going into a liquor store, the wine choices are beyond my wildest dreams - meaning there are so many to pick from! From a red Merlot to a sweet Pink Moscato, this group of wine drinkers is ready to have anything poured into their wine glass. Let’s be honest, all wine is delicious - so stop discriminating wine and be adventurous with wine!

Sometimes people think it’s embarrassing or looked down upon if you don’t have any basic knowledge about wine. - This couldn't be more wrong! A lot of newbie wine drinkers hesitate to admit they are unfamiliar with wine basics like, what wine goes well with certain food pairings or what kind of wine should be served at room temperature - this is something not to worry about because even the most experienced wine drinkers do not know about the wine fundamentals or “rules”. I appreciate and admire this group of wine drinkers when they honestly admit they don’t have a clue about wine! The majority of the time when it comes to sipping on wine people put on a ‘know it all’ act. Don’t pretend to know it all when it comes to drinking wine! Taste all kinds of wine, cook with wine, pair different kinds of food with wine - Be fearless and pursue all wines!


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by Tom Simone