Exploring the Delightful Divide: Prosecco vs. Moscato

by Tom Simone
Exploring the Delightful Divide: Prosecco vs. Moscato

Exploring the Delightful Divide: Prosecco vs. Moscato

Every special occasion calls for a bit of bubbly. But should you reach for the Prosecco or Moscato? Let us help you figure out which you prefer. Learn about each type of sparkling wine and how to distinguish between the two.

Moscato vs Prosecco

Are Prosecco and Moscato the same thing? The quick answer is no. While both are very popular, delicious sparkling wines, Prosecco and Moscato differ greatly. They will vary in flavor, sweetness, alcohol levels, grape variety, and more.

Generally, Prosecco is a drier-tasting wine than Moscato and often has a much higher alcohol content. Additionally, while Prosecco is a fully sparkling wine, Moscato can be either sparkling or semi-sparkling. Let's dive deeper into what makes these wonderful wines unique and how to compare the two.


What Is Moscato?

As mentioned, Moscato comes in different wine styles, including sparkling and semi-sparkling, but other varieties like Pink, Red, and Moscato dessert wines exist. The two most popular styles of Moscato are the Italian style, Moscato d'Asti, semi-sparkling, and Asti Spumante, sparkling.

Moscato is made using Muscat grapes, usually less bubbly, and has a slightly sweet, low-acidic taste. Moscato is an aromatic wine, often featuring more fruity flavors like sweet peach, orange blossom, and nectarine.


What Is Prosecco?

Prosecco is made from Glera grapes and has a dry to extra-dry sweetness level. Fully sparkling, Prosecco is very crisp, light, and refreshing. It generally is less aromatic than Moscato and has a flavor profile often featuring notes of green apple, honeydew melon, and pear. Prosecco typically has a higher alcohol content than Moscato sparkling wines, with an alcohol content of 11 to 12%.


Choosing Between Prosecco and Moscato

So, the big question is: Prosecco vs. Moscato? This choice will depend on your taste preferences. Moscato would be a great wine if you lean toward sweeter, bolder, fruity flavors. However, if you're looking for a sparkling wine that's dry and super bubbly, Prosecco is the way to go. It's no surprise so many people love it!


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Need help deciding between Moscato or Prosecco? Why not try a couple of bottles each so everyone can pick their favorite? Make your next celebration even more enjoyable with some bubbles!

by Tom Simone