Demi-Sec Merlot 


The Origin

Merlot, which is French for “little blackbird,” got its first leading role as a blending component in Bordeaux during the mid-1700s. It didn’t take much for its popularity to skyrocket from there! Merlot wine is so beloved that it has its own international day, which is November 7th. Merlot’s original purpose was primarily for blending wines to add softness and lushness to enhance the flavor and notes. Merlot captured adoration as being a powerful blending wine and began to broaden in popularity all over the world. Covering nearly 600,00 acres across the globe, Merlot is currently the second most planted grape in the world! Merlot’s adaptability and versatility allow it to prosper in regions globally, especially in Chile. The Merlot grape continues to be a majorly influential part of Chilean wine culture.


Papi Merlot Wine

From its fruit-driven flavor to its soft and elegant body, Merlot wine has dazzled connoisseurs for ages. Merlot has a wide variety of styles as both blending wines and a single form. The relatively lower tannin quality of Merlot generates a smooth and attainable addition to any wine collection as well as an excellent option for new wine drinkers. Papi Merlot wine is an easy, delightful red wine that can complement an expansive variety of dishes. Chilean Merlots tend to be full-bodied yet gentle. Papi Merlot wine emphasizes spiced aromas (particularly pepper) with soft tannins, leaving a sweet finish on your palate and making it very easy to indulge in.


Tasting Notes & Food Pairings

Merlot is a dry wine that has relatively little in tannins. This produces a smoother, less bitter taste and experience, making Merlot softer and simply easier for you to consume compared to many other wines on the market. The most pronounced flavor and aroma in Merlot is fruit. Expect your palate to be greeted by flavors such as raspberry, plum, blueberries, cedar, tobacco, vanilla, cloves, and even chocolate! Merlot wine couples well with a wide variety of cuisine because of its position in the middle of the red wine spectrum, is not too sweet and not too dry. In general, Merlot pairs well with pasta dishes, plus poultry and other light meats, as well as lightly spiced dark meat. With medium tannin and not too much acidity, you will find that Merlot pairs well with almost all foods.


Find The Perfect Merlot from Papi Wines

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